QoinWare is a one of a kind digital currency platform, that allows for rapid delivery of community currency systems in a wide range of domains. Beyond providing a currency management environment with banking grade security, QoinWare sets itself apart by providing a superior, multi-channel, user experience. Below are just some of the many features our platform offers.

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QoinWare online, smartphone, tablet, nfc, sms Multi-channel transactions Offer your users maximum flexibility by allowing them to transact in real-time online, via SMS, Web, app, or by using NFC cards at merchants equipped with our POS terminal solution. All transactions move through a secure Cyclos transaction kernel.
Configurable business logic Enjoy absolute flexibility in applying settings to your currency model. From defining groups, wallets, communities and transaction permissions to periodic or transaction based fees or incentives. Contact us to learn more about customising your currency model. Configure_Currency_banking_software
Interface_banking_software Customisable interface Apply your own branding and unique design input to create a unique experience for your users and clients. Both online and on NFC terminals, you may choose to place at merchants or your partner organisations. Responsive design is the norm, so an optimal user experience is achieved on whichever device QoinWare is accessed. Contact us to learn more about implementing your own graphical interface design in QoinWare.
Managed & internationalised content Does your currency initiative serve an international audience? QoinWare supports language selection and multi-language content management. Our content management system gives your staff full control over all static sections of your online interface. International_banking_currency_software
Reward_Loyalty_cards_Software_banking Behavioural modification and rewarding Incentivise desired behaviour of your users or customers to achieve your strategic objectives. QoinWare can be integrated with your back-end solutions to facilitate rewarding. Or you can use a flexible uploading interface to apply your rewards in bulk, whenever you like.
Integrate with third parties QoinWare webservices will allow you to integrate with payment service providers, such as PayPal, for allowing for real-time topping up. This can also be done by credit card and is an essential component of legal-tender backed currency programmes. QoinWare will also generate SEPA ready files to import into your online banking environment, and provide users with corresponding invoices or credit notes. Contact us to learn more about integrating with financial services. PayPal_pluginSEPA_integration
Report_banking_software Reporting for different stakeholders On a system wide level extensive reports are available on usage levels, transaction types and volumes over time, activity within communities and more. Google analytics or Google tag manager are supported to track online behaviour. For business users, we provide end-of day reports (X & Z) that are vital for reconciling the books. Each individual user has the flexibility to filter and export their own transaction history. Contact us to learn how we may accommodate your reporting needs.
(local) Charity module QoinWare comes with the option to apply ‘programme-wide’ donations to user selected charities. These are credited to the charity in real-time and can be based on portions of specific transaction types or left to the discretion of users. Donate_banking_software_social
Marketplace_banking_software Efficient supply and demand Make your currency thrive by introducing QoinWare’s advanced marketplace into your community. Supply and demand are brought together by allowing users to list advertisements and interests, filter by category, location, user, and type, or another parameter you find relevant, and get in touch with each other.  To overcome ‘asking shyness’, QoinWare comes with auto-matchmaking options.
Scalable QoinWare has a flexible architecture, that can support small local initiatives as well as large scale (inter)national programmes with hundreds of transactions per second. Scalable


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