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Qoin Online Currency Design Training

With the Qoin Currency Design Training online, we can support you in choosing or exploring the Currency that would best fit your purpose and outcomes. You select your team, and follow our standard program that is led by our personally-engaging and highly-experienced facilitators that have provided this graining to organizations, governments and communities worldwide.

5 sessions of 2 hours – with homework

In this 10-Hour Training we explore the specific situation that is unique for your community or project, and use that to map out the basic characteristics of your tool.

The Sessions are:

Session 1: Who is in the course. What is the Context, what are the aims & objectives you want to reach? We explore this deeply and in great detail.

Session 2: Who are the users you want to reach? Who are the partners you want to work with? Why do both want to join? Introduction to relevant currency models by showing examples (videos, presentations by speakers, ...)

Session 3: Design your specific currency model, consisting of the Currency elements. We provide many examples of designs that have worked in the past, but tailored just right for you.

Session 4: What ICT & Payment Systems do you need? What are the legal and regulatory requirements? How about Taxes, financial regulations, AML and KYC? What is the business model? What are the value propositions for users and partners?

Session 5: PLAN: Making a PLAN: including implementation planning & budget.

3-day Live Currency Design Training

With the intensive on-site Qoin Architecture Training, we support formal organizations such as local governments, businesses, and larger NGOs to create City or Regional Currencies, blockchain tokenomies and crypto currencies, job-creation and local business development currencies, and many others. This tailor-made program is facilitated by a team of professional, personable and highly experienced facilitators that have trained and advised on the design and implementation of numerous complementary currencies worldwide.

In the Training we explore the specific situation that is unique for your community or project, and use that to map out the basic characteristics of the tools. Elements are: Interviews to get grip on the context & aims.

Workshops in which we build the architecture of your currency together. A report containing the context, aims and objectives, a concept description (the tokenomy or monetary model), a feasibility scan, and input for your project or business plan. Logical next steps after the training are: develop and test the as MVP, measure impact, improve, and larger scale rollout.

The Qoin Architecture Process

The Qoin Architecture Training (QAT) has been developed and perfected over the last 20 years through projects like the EU-funded Community Currencies In Action, NU-spaarpas and SamenDoen, together with practitioners and academics and researchers like the New Economics Foundation.

The QAT offers a lifecycle approach structured in three stages and nine phases for planning, creating, testing and deploying tools for Inclusive Development. The methodology enables the stakeholders to keep an overview of the development status of their project, while knowing what to expect from the next stage or phase. The framework also allows for great flexibility as each phase can be budgeted separately.

This training is for the first stage that consists of four phases: Exploration, Modelling of tools, Feasibility, and Budget & Planning. All four phases go through an iterative cycle addressing the why, the who, the why for who, the what, and the how – each time increasing the level of detail.

A Recent Training

In late October 2019, the Qoin Team was hired by the international NGO Solidaridad to conduct a 7-day training on Tokenization for Inclusive Local Development. Qoin's top team of trainers from Amsterdam, Lisbon, New York and Indonesia gathered in Lusaka to provide the training to some of Solidaridad's teams working on Token Incentivization programs.

The training took the participants through every step of the full token design process, from identifying challenges and opportunities to understanding the challenges that token designers face when encouraging people to use money in new ways. These new ways, Solidaridad hopes, will lead to more effective and measureable outcomes for their efforts to facilitate economic empowerment and agricultural improvement throughout the Africa region.

Qoin Solidaridad
“ Solidaridad is best known as the NGO that launched the Fair Trade Movement in the early 1970s under the brand Max Havelaar.”

By the end of the training, four teams had completed the required outcomes of the training, and were ready to take their plans back to their organizations to transmit what they had learned and to review what they had designed.

Qoin is now expecting to deliver further trainings for Solidaridad for these and other projects worldwide.

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