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Green and Social Rewards

Changers - The App That Gets You Moving

Changers is a playful App that helps employers, institutions and cities to reduce their carbon footprint and stimulate health by motivating employees and residents to use healthier modes of transportation, both for themselves and for the environment.

Many actions of individuals and teams can be rewarded, like teleworking, eating healthy, and going to the gym. The App tracks walking, cycling, public transport and car use. The rewards can be spent on tree planting or in raffles with green, culture and sports gifts.

Most Mature App in the industry

Changers is available in many languages. Changers comes with ready-made packages of measures that can be expanded easily. Employers can choose their company specific challenges to involve employees. Company specific texts, pictures and videos can be added. Individual, team and company CO2 savings are reported in the App. Uses can give stars, make appointments to run, share pictures and links.

Carrots Are More Effective than Sticks

Changers departs from the motivations, wishes, desires and preferences of ordinary employees and citizens. Many employees want to be green. At the same time, we see large groups who have the right attitude, but changing behaviour is one step too far. The Changers-app motivates all citizens to go green. This carrot approach is way more effective than the stick approach; in order not to miss the reward, citizens will be more open to new information that will affect their choice.

Ready To Use, Start Today

Changers is very successful in Germany and Austria, and used by employers including Lidl, H&M, Danone, Heineken, ING, Total and Pfizer.

ADAC, the automobile association in Germany, uses Changers to reward its 21 million members to green their mobility. The City of Vienna rewards citizens with cultural tickets for using public transport and bikes.

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