Building Vibrant, Inclusive,
Green and Prosperous Cities

Qoin helps cities and communities around the world to reward the social
and ecological citizenship needed to build vibrant city environments.

How We Can Help You

Local, City and Regional-Scale Currencies incentivize local over long-distance trade and strengthen the economy for small and medium-sized businesses.

Green, Social & Health rewards encourage people to care of their health, each other, neighbourhoods and cities. We coined this "Impact-as-a-Service".

Helping Urban, Regional and Local governments as well as public and private organizations to improve their social, economic and environmental programs.

Qoin Foundation is a non-profit, full-service
complementary currency design and implementation organization

For almost 30 years, the Qoin Foundation and its associates have specialized in designing, implementing and managing tools for economic development on all continents, specifically to achieve a wide variety of viable and sustainable social and environmental impact outcomes.

Our Products, Services and Projects

Currency Design Training and Consultation

Thousands of communities around the world have designed and implemented local currency systems as a tool for increasing local economic activity, enhancing the local environment and improving social cohesion and integration, among a wide variety of other possible outcomes.
Qoin Foundation has a long history in empowering citizens and local communities by giving support in designing and implementing tools for increasing regional economic activity, enhancing the local environment and improving social cohesion and integration.

Our Currency Design Training
community currency

community currency

Social and Economic Empowerment Currencies

Social Currencies are of interest for institutions, local governments, and informal organisations. Qoin offers assistance with implementing TimeBanks, LETS and GEM. In TimeBanks, members turn their voluntary time into valuable ‘hour’-credits that can be spend at other members. In LETS, members exchange goods and services using their own LETS-credits; all offers are findable on the mutual marketplace. In GEM, citizens get rewards for giving community work from local institutions, community organisations, and local governments; think of it as a loyalty program for community service.


Complete Complementary Currency Design, Installation & Upgrades

From Start to Finish - Full Service Implementation

For TimeBanks and LETS, we use the open source Cyclos payments platform as it is the most secure, robust and scalable platform.

Learn more about Cyclos in detail, and how to get started.

Learn more about cyclos

Green and Social Rewards

How to change the behaviour of employees, citizens or members? Get them into public transport, clean the park or support the elderly? By rewarding them for doing good! Qoin offers the green rewards-app Changers, and the social rewards-app GEM. Changers is a playful App that helps employers, institutions and cities to reduce their carbon footprint and stimulate health by motivating employees and residents. GEM helps institutions, community organisations, and local governments to realize social goals by activating unused resources and by empowering people to tackle local issues together.

green and social behaviour incentives

Encouraging green transport and active living with rewards & activities

Native-App or White-Label-App Tailored to Your Needs

Encourage your citizens to make the right health, lifestyle and mobility choices using the Changers app!

Learn more about Changers

Our Core Team


Edgar Kampers

Northern Europe

Stephen DeMeulenaere

Asia & North America

Sérgio Lopo

Southern Europe

Andreu Honzawa

Latin America & Africa

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