Building Vibrant, Inclusive, Sustainable and Prosperous Cities

Qoin helps cities and communities around the world to reward the social
and ecological citizenship needed to build vibrant city environments.

How We Can Help You

Local, City and Regional-Scale Currencies incentivize local over long-distance trade and strengthen the economy for small and medium-sized businesses.

Green, Social & Health rewards encourage people to care of their health, each other, neighbourhoods and cities. We coined this "Impact-as-a-Service".

Helping Urban, Regional and Local governments as well as public and private organizations to improve their social, economic and environmental programs.

Our Products, Services and Projects


Complete Complementary Currency Design, Installation & Upgrades

From Start to Finish - Full Service Implementation

Design from deployment to hosting and everything in between.

Learn more about Cyclos in detail, and how to get started.

Learn more about cyclos

Encouraging green transport and active living with rewards & activities

Native-App or White-Label-App Tailored to Your Needs

Encourage your citizens to make the right health, lifestyle and mobility choices using the Changers app!

Learn more about Changers

Qoin Solidaridad

Incentivization of Measurable Outcomes using Tokens

Qoin supported Solidaridad in a 5-day workshop to design a variety of tokenization methodologies in a development context that lead to specific, measurable outcomes. Solidaridad is the organization that launched UTZ and Fair-Trade with the brand Max Havelaar.

Growing resilient & healthy communities in Lisbon, Portugal

DLBC is the Community-led local development association in Lisbon, Portugal. DLBC is supporting resilient and healthy communities in Lisbon, mainly in neighbourhoods with weak social cohesion, low-income and environmental challenges. DLBC and Qoin jointly develop innovative ways to support cities to improve the lives of residents and their communities.

Our Core Team


Edgar Kampers

Northern Europe

Stephen DeMeulenaere

Asia & North America

Sérgio Lopo

Southern Europe

Andreu Honzawa

Latin America & Africa

Where To Find Us - How To Reach Us

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